5 reasons why I love being single

In general, what I love about singlehood are the opportunities for personal growth. Unusually attune to this aspect of my life over the past month, I’ve been jotting down daily notes and writing journal entries about my experiences. Sifting through it all, I find it fitting to end my month of singlehood by sharing the five reasons why I love being single. Here they are!

1. Freedom to choose. At this point in my life, the only consideration and well-being of others that I have to take into account are my animals. In general, I have the space and luxury to make decisions and act on those decisions relative to my own wants and likes. I can follow my heart wherever it may lead me – from moving half-way across the world to wearing yoga pants and sweatshirts 5/7 days of the week. The freedom to choose is liberating (and comfy).

2. Copious amounts of space. We all know I like solitude and alone time; that I find it comforting more so than lonely. For me, the hardest part of dating is having to give up my space – both literally and figuratively. My personal bubble remains in tact almost 100% of the time. I also really love not having to share a bed.

3. I’m getting stronger. Being alone forces you to face your past, present, and future. Over the past year, I’ve been able to pin point my weaknesses and while I know I can’t overcome them 100% of the time, I have learned how to change my disposition. I’ve grown and it’s been painful and heartbreaking at times, but I am a stronger woman because of it. I was happy to know that those I’m closest to have seen the changes as well. An old college friend of mine just told me last week he was proud of how strong a person I’ve become which inspired me add it to my list of reasons why I love being single.

4. Deeper relationships. I always feel like a horrible friend when I’m dating someone. Not because I don’t want to hang out with my friends, but because I’m so caught up in living in that moment with that one person that I usually end up neglecting my friendships along the way. What I love about singlehood is not only am I a better friend in terms of spending quality time together, but the time and energy I put forth in maintaining those friendships ultimately deepens them.

5. Sense of adventure. When people think Lindsay they usually pin point me as a free-spirit. I will always have a sense of adventure, up-for-anything attitude but in singlehood I’m doubly so. I’m more likely to step outside my comfort zone and try new activities from traveling to cooking and everything in between. And while relationships are exciting and adventurous too, it’s a different kind of adventure. I can be crazy and care-free and do things now that wouldn’t fly if I were in a committed relationship – like going out to the bars and skinny dipping at 4am with people I just met (I did do that this month).


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One response to “5 reasons why I love being single

  1. Dina Schultz

    You are a strong lady for sure. A lady who is figuring out what she does and does not deserve. And I love the fact you are a free spirit. I also love the skinny dipping. And you are skinny so keep that free spirit going. Xoxo

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