Birthday love

I dedicated a post to my Dad last year on his birthday and loved how unique a gift it was that I couldn’t help but do it again, this time for Miss Liz.

She’s turning 27 today and while it’s not a milestone year it’s the part of your twenty-somethings where you feel simultaneously old and young. Everyone is either engaged and planning their wedding or spitting out babies and all of a sudden you realize your life is speeding by at a time when there’s still so much to accomplish. Realizations like these lend themselves to dramatic flair ups like, “In three years I’ll be 30, then I’ll be 40, and then 80!” While these realizations can be a bit overwhelming (and funny to watch if you’re me), I have no doubt Liz will own being 27.

Simply put, this lady is amazing. I love how big and pure her heart is and I admire her strong sense of self, independence and direction. She knows what she wants out of life and is willing to work hard to get there. Moreover, she always seems to know just what to say, whether it be during my many quarter-life crisis moments or if I just need a quick pick-me-up. We share a love of life chats, yoga pants, wine, 90s music, and chocolate labs (she’s even an aunt to Miley bear). I seriously lucked out when this girl came into my life!

lizbday lizbday2

Happy birthday to the lady who I’m lucky enough to call my work wife, best friend, sister, and soul mate! XOXO



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2 responses to “Birthday love

  1. dakotalizzie

    Awww — I lucked out, too! I couldn’t have picked a better work wife if I tried! 🙂

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