Friendship success

Overall, it’s been a successful month for friendship. Oftentimes, the trap of setting monthly goals is that they become another item on an ever-growing to-do list rather than an opportunity to relish in personal growth and self-awareness. I myself have fallen into this trap many times. Knowing this, though, I went into the new year with the mindset of using my monthly goals as a means to furthering my three intentions for the year: find joy/fulfillment in creativity, live a balanced life, and give more love. By doing this, I’ve found that my focus is not so much on getting a gold star or putting an X in an excel document (yep, I have an intentions tracking log broken down by monthly goals – call me crazy) but on learning more about myself. There are days I didn’t accomplish each of the goals I set, but overall I made a lot of strides. As a result, I’ve found things I rather enjoy and also things I don’t particularly enjoy. I’m learning more about me and focusing less on the affirmation of a filled excel document (the equivalent of an “atta boy!”). I think that’s something to be celebrated and so rather than bore you with the details I decided to just share some of the highlights of my month of friendship:

  • One of my goals for the year is to read one new book a month. Perhaps it’s because I had more free time in my month and a half off school (which is why I will stick to the one new book a month rule) I actually ended up reading four additional books. Full disclosure is that two of them were audio books so maybe they don’t technically qualify, but I’m counting them anyways. I also discovered a website called Good Reads which lets you create your own list of books to read and rate the books you’ve read. AND, the website even gives you recommendations for books to read based on your ratings of others. I am enthralled with it, which probably speaks volumes about my nerdy-ness.
  • Each month I hope to add one new element to my daily health regimen. This month it was flossing and I am proud to say I went from absolutely never flossing to flossing at least once a day. Well, almost. I missed a few in there, but overall I was quite successful in the venture. I can’t wait to wow my dentist at my next cleaning.
  • As a not so crafty person I took on two challenges this month to find the joy and fulfillment in creativity: take one photo a week (I really dislike taking photos, but I love having them) and craft a photo album to put those photos in. I’ve accomplished both although I don’t know what it says about me that the majority of my photo-ops are of food.
  • My effort to spend more time with my friends has ultimately made me appreciate the presence and value they add to my life. I’ve always known friendships influence who you are and what you do but I think because I was so focused on the concept this month that I was more attune to the ways in which they actually do influence me. From my new-found appreciation for left overs to new cooking ventures or workout routines to embracing being set up on blind dates. I’ve realized just how much my friends inspire me – I am one lucky gal.

Like Liz, I’m ready for January to be over so I can set out on some new ventures and monthly goals. January was fun, but let’s bring on February!


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One response to “Friendship success

  1. Dina Schultz

    January has been crazy for me. Too much work and not enough fun.

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