Getting back into the groove

Today marks the end of the first week of my second semester of graduate school. I’m taking three classes instead of the two I originally planned on but after perusing through the requirements for each class, I think I’m less freaked out about my ability to juggle it all. Although it means I’ve resorted to mapping out every moment of my day, week, and month between work appointments, school assignments, workout activities, and free time, I don’t think I could stay sane or keep everything straight without its presence.

It’s evident that balance is a top priority of mine and getting back into a scheduled routine after a month and a half of all “me time” has been hard. I’ve already borne witness to my January goals taking a back seat to other obligations. Like although I still manage to carve out a lot of friend time on the weekend, my daily reading/writing time has been replaced with homework readings and assignments. I haven’t read since last Monday and I’ve yet to write my pen pal (it will happen, though!). For the few hours I have to myself at the end of each work/school day, I kind of just want to veg out in front of the TV and cuddle with my dog. So ensues the ongoing dilemma of my life – where I’d much rather focus my daily 8-5 life on personal life goals and aspirations than on actually working. One can dream.

When Saturday night and Sunday finally came around I was definitely looking for some quick pick me up activities. I ended up coffee bar hopping with Liz where we actually shut down Coffee Zone. And they weren’t very subtle about the whole ordeal. I mean if you blast “Closing Time” by Semisonic we get the picture. Turns out I actually enjoy coffee bar hopping more so than bar hopping. The opportunity lends itself to quality conversation topics, the people watching is great, and since my appetite for alcohol is pretty non-existent these days the coffee was a good substitute. By the time Sunday rolled around, I had talked Liz into trying hot yoga for the first time. She did great but her recount of the experience is pretty comical. After such a tough workout, I was craving whole grains and a lot of them. Since I just inherited a bread machine so ensued a day of baking apple spice bran muffins and whole wheat bread. They both turned out delicious and it turns out the old adage is true. You really can’t eat just one!




Between baking, quality girl time, hot yoga and some much-needed sleep I think I’m finally getting back into the groove of things.



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2 responses to “Getting back into the groove

  1. Dina Schultz

    Oh my gosh. I want to take the first plane back to MO for baked goods from Lindsay. Yummy. Proud of you girlfriend.

  2. Dina Schultz

    Yummy. Want some. Xoxo

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