They say pictures are worth a thousand words

This month, I made it one of my goals to craft an address book as a way to meet my intention of finding joy/fulfillment in creativity. I’ve been searching tutorials for the kind of address book I want, which is basically a card file, but the process seemed convoluted and like it required a lot of stenciling, which also means investment in new tools that I most likely will never use again. By the time I started calculating costs for crafting my own card file address book, I decided I might as well just buy one. So, I am. Now that that was off the table it was back to the drawing board.

When I got a new follower from the blogging community, I saw that one of her resolutions was to do the 365 day photo challenge, where you take one picture a day to chronicle a year in the life. I thought it was genius, especially since she paired it with the preface that this year she wasn’t making any resolutions except one, to live her life. They say pictures are worth a thousand words so what better way to document your adventures than through photos? By the time I had read this particular post, there was no way I could pick up and do the 365 day photo challenge. And to be honest, I don’t even own a working camera except for the one embedded into my iPhone. I will also admit that I’ve never been one to take a lot of pictures – it’s like pulling teeth – so I doubt I could keep up with a photo a day. I have entire trips I spent abroad in Central America where I took only a handful of photos. It’s pitiful, really. Borrowing from said follower, I opted to do a 52-week photo challenge instead where I take one photo a week chronicling the adventures of my one-word mantra for 2013: evolve.

In lieu of crafting an address book I decided to craft a photo album for the 52-week photo challenge, which seemed to me much more manageable. I found a cute photo album on Etsy that I really enjoyed so decided to give it a try myself. Since I’m particularly fond of burlap, lace, and lavender I chose to use that as my color scheme. Supplies were simple; I bought a $4 black photo album from Target and picked up fabric, burlap and purple ribbon, and a fake white Gerber daisy – my favorite flower of all time – at Hobby Lobby. All of this took me 40 minutes to pick out. Isn’t that ridiculous!? When it comes to making crafting decisions I get so tied up in the details of how things will mesh together that it’s hard for me to make decisions, which is why I took Liz with me in the first place. Poor girl had to traipse back and forth with me all over Hobby Lobby – and in heels! God love her for her patience.

I ended up not taking any pictures of me actually crafting the photo album (are you really that surprised?) but I did find a fabulous tutorial on YouTube which I basically used as my guide. The only major hiccup I ran into was the type of fabric I bought – it was super thin so I had to use a lot of it to make sure the black of the photo album wouldn’t show through. If I end up making any more of these, I’ll definitely go for a thicker fabric like canvas but here’s the final product. I love how adorable it turned out!



The total cost of making the photo album was $15, which is a lot cheaper and much cuter than any photo album I could have bought at a store. You really can’t beat that and it fits my tastes to the tee. Plus, I’m even thinking it would make a fabulous gift for all the ladies in my life!



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2 responses to “They say pictures are worth a thousand words

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  2. Dina Schultz


    I am impressed at your exploration in life. Your beautiful spirit lives each day as a huge gerber daisy opening its leaves to the sun. Delicate, yet sturdy, full of natural senses. That is you.


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