Cause for celebration

Over the past six months, I’ve been trying to get an in with Heart of Missouri Girls on the Run and my futile efforts have finally paid off! Last year, I wrote about the organization and their cause which prompted me to train for my first 5k. After months of banter back and forth with one of the coordinators and a somewhat lengthy application process, I finally received an email welcoming me not only as a volunteer coach but as their designated data analyst and (fingers crossed!) a potential board member. Sitting in my home office chair this morning in front of the computer, my giddiness and 7-year-old inner child took over and I let out a big, “eeeeeeeee!!!” whilst jumping up and down. Miley understood; she gave me a high-five in equal excitement.

I absolutely LOVE this organization for all the good work they do to promote radical self-love, confidence, and self-awareness among young girls in my community and I am just so excited to now be a more integral part of the experience. Plus, it fits in with my intention to give more love this year which I had hoped to do, in part, by giving back to my community. My schedule is sure to be hectic over the next semester as I’ll now be juggling a full and part-time job, as well as a part-time graduate school load and volunteer duties. As I told Liz, if you start hearing me complaining about how busy I am just gently remind me I signed myself up for all of this.

And since this month is about celebrating my friends, I also wanted to highlight some of the great things happening in a few of their lives as well.

  • Liz: got a new book in the mail yesterday that will serve as a guide to becoming a certified life coach. Something she is definitely meant to do in this life. I am so excited for her as she sets out on a new journey but I’m also happy to be one of her practice clients as I feel like she’s been life-coaching me for the past year and a half.
  • Monica: is one of the final candidates out of 30 for a new job that fits her to the tee. She has great inter-personal skills and a stunning personality; fingers crossed that she gets the job as she is in her fifth and final interview this week. Sending you good vibes, lady!
  • David: for having to put up with all of Liz and I’s crazy pursuits of happiness, its finally rubbed off. On New Years Eve, he resolved to pick a one-word mantra for each month of 2013. For January, it’s nurture. I’ll get an update on Saturday at the italian themed potluck dinner I’m hosting but I’m especially looking forward to hearing what all he’s focusing on this month and his progress so far.
  • Andrew and Bob: both work long hours as volunteer firefighters and EMTs (oh, and part-time students). They finally took a much-needed vacation to the mountains for some skiing. They’ll be in attendance at the potluck as well so I can’t wait to hear about their crazy antics and all the trouble they got into over the past two weeks.
  • Mom: although she’s family, she also falls in the best friend category. I’m also super proud of her as she just ended her first week on Weight Watchers and lost 2 pounds!!! How awesome. Keep up the great work, Momma!

I am in an especially happy mood today; love and appreciation for my friends and for the life I’ve built is just pouring out of me. It’s definitely a cause for celebration!



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One response to “Cause for celebration

  1. Dina Schultz

    Congratulations to my best girlfriend forever. Taking life’s journey is a fantastic adventure. Our purpose in life is to make a difference! You will make a great difference in young girl’s lives as well as all of your wonderful friends. Love ya lots, Momma –

    PS Points are going great with Weight Watchers. I’m feeling good.

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