2013 new year intentions

When I started drafting my intentions for 2013, I could easily pinpoint three specific desires I had for the New Year to go along with my one-word mantra: evolve. While three intentions seem small for a 12-month time period, I’ve given a lot of thought and attention to developing goals and action plans in accomplishing each of those desires. To really evolve, I  want to make sure I’m not overloading my plate by trying to experience everything all at once. Choosing three intentions narrows my focus allowing for more inner exploration and enables me to put forth more effort into just a few things rather than minimal effort into a lot of things. So without further a-do, here they are!

1. Find joy and fulfillment in creativity.

  • Plan of action: First on my list is to read one new book a month. While it doesn’t seem like a lot I wanted to make sure that I set a realistic goal since I’ll also have to juggle readings for class. I’m even going to spice it up by reading a book from a new genre each month. Whether it be romance, classic literature, a biography, history novel, or an adaptation of a book from another country I really want to expand my tastes and find joy in the new. My second plan of action is to continue crafting. While I’m not a crafty person, I still want to nurture the artist in me (however small that may be). Plus, what I’ve come to love about crafting is that you lose track of time in the process and your mind goes completely blank. In the coming months, I’m sure I’ll need that break from every day life to keep the sanity. Additionally, I plan to revamp my room into an inspirational haven where I can read, write, or meditate and find joy/fulfillment in the process.

2. Give more love.

  • Plan of action: For me, a large part of what makes me feel fulfilled is having deep relationships with my family and friends. I sometimes struggle in this area though because I take extreme pleasure in my alone time. For that reason, I am not nearly as social as I ought to be. That being said, one of the things I desire is to give more love to those I care about and focus on strengthening current relationships and forging new ones. To start it off, I joined Gretchen Rubin’s 21 day relationship challenge which gives you practical tips on how to spice up the relationships in your life and appreciate them more fully. I also plan to take the time each month to pen pal with my friend Tessa, who I met while living in Guatemala. What I like most about pen paling is that it gets you back to basic communication. Hand-written notes seem more personal and heartfelt than a quick email to say hi so I’m really looking forward to this experience. Other ways I plan on giving more love this year is to host a potluck dinner, movie night, or game night at least once a month to celebrate my friendships and to give back to my community by doing volunteer work.

3. Live a balanced life by nurturing my mind, body, and spirit.

  • Plan of action: Above anything, living a balanced life is my number one desire for 2013. It’s also been the theme of many of my posts on here over the past six months. To live a balanced life I think it’s essential to nurture and give equal attention to my mind, body, and spirit. To nurture my mind, I plan on keeping my one-sentence journal that I started last month. It’s been easy to come up with and challenges me to focus on the good that happened to me on any given day rather than the bad. It keeps everything relative and I like that. Overall, I think I’ve been successful in nurturing my body over the past year so my plan is to continue loving my body and eating healthy. Specifically, I plan to walk at least 30 minutes every day, regardless of the weather. I think it’s important to just continue moving. I also found a sweet portion plate at the health foods store that I want to start using for meals in combination with a weekly health challenge Liz blogged about last year. Nurturing my spirit poses more of a challenge as I’m not much of a church-goer, but as the woods are my spiritual safe haven I plan to spend more time in them. My lofty goal is to attend a meditation retreat or temple retreat for a few days while traveling through Central America in May, or in another location if an opportunity presents itself.

So there you have it, my three intentions for the New Year. Each month I’ll tackle a particular theme in my life I want to focus on. Each monthly theme will have concrete, actionable goals relative to my three intentions so that I’m constantly focused on each aspect and not sacrificing one desire for another.

What about you? Have you set any resolutions or intentions for the New Year? What are they?


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  1. Dina Schultz

    I love your post. Goal number three is my goal for 2013. Need to focus in mind, body and spirit! Weight watchers and more exercise.

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