Busy beaver

Since I finished my last final on Tuesday, you would think I’d take the opportunity to relax and enjoy some downtime, but I’ve actually done the opposite. In fact, the productivity level I’ve hit in my work and personal life this week has hit an all-time high.

I spent Friday night and Saturday crafting Christmas presents, which I am dying to share details on once they’re opened on Christmas day. I am so proud of the culmination of the final products and hope everyone enjoys and appreciates them as much as I do. I really wish I could be there in person when they’re opened up but because home-made gifts can be somewhat of a hit or miss since your style may not necessarily suit someone else’s tastes, it’s probably best I’m not there given the anticipation. I think what I enjoyed most about crafting is that my mind went completely blank. And considering I spent 10 hours crafting this weekend, I had a good chunk of time where I didn’t worry or stress about anything. It was so nice! In fact, I found the process kind of cathartic and I feel better knowing I’m giving something sentimental to someone I care about rather than just purchasing a gift card. Money is so boring (although that’s what I asked for for Christmas so who I am to talk…).

I also finished the first Wallace family christmas newsletter and had photo greeting cards created to go along with it. It was a struggle to find the kind of holiday newsletter paper I wanted but I think I’ll take a lead from Liz and her family and design my own next year when I have a little bit more time to plan what I want to do. Since my family has never done christmas newsletters before, I was kind of at a loss on what to include but once I got on a roll I had a blast reflecting on everything that’s happened in 2012. It’s been a full and happy year! I got the majority of the letters/cards out today so I can’t wait for you all to see it. Just in case you haven’t made it on the address list, though, here’s a quick photo-op of the greeting card.


I did take a break from all the crafting on Saturday to spend some quality time with my step-mom and little brother. One thing I haven’t done in ages is just drive around to see the christmas lights. I don’t know if my memory just sucks, but it seems like people decorate the outside of their homes less every year. I miss that. By far the coolest places we visited were Candy Cane Crib (my brother Ryan’s house, who is a Clark Griswold in the making) and the Magic Tree. They were beautiful and it was a great time!

candy cane


And, to top off a fabulous week, Liz and David came over on Sunday night for a potluck dinner and christmas movie night. We tried a new recipe for pork tenderloin and paired it with some homestyle sides I’d been craving for ages: green bean casserole and mashed potatoes. David even made a homemade berry strudel which was delicious and also very filling. I was so stuffed by the end of the night that I didn’t even make it through our holiday movie (but let’s not kid anyone here – I always fall asleep in movies). One of my favorite things in this world is spending quality time with family and friends and I find the best way to connect and celebrate those relationships is over potluck dinners, game and movie nights. It was a great way to end a productive week/end and kick-start a new one!


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