The feel happy workout

This week I decided to switch up the workout routine and join Liz at a Zumba class. Not only does it combine my love of latin culture with my love for booty shaking, but it also turned out to be the perfect activity to lift my spirits.

The workout is pretty basic and easy to follow. The moves are repeated often enough that you catch on pretty quickly. Since the class is designed to shift between fast and slow beats you get a pretty good aerobic exercise without actually feeling like you’re working out. And while physical activity is a part of my daily routine, I haven’t really focused much on toning the body. In this fun atmosphere you’re not only burning 500-800 calories on average but you’re sculpting the body too. In fact, my back and legs are actually sore today (although that could just be because I got a tad bit carried away with the hip swinging and booty shaking).

Perhaps what I loved most about the class is that my mind went completely blank for an hour. All I was focused on was learning the moves. With the amount of stress and drama in my work and personal life, it felt good to clear the mind, lose myself in the dance moves, and just have fun. I came out feeling refreshed and rejuvenated and like I couldn’t wait to get back in the studio. Which means I’ll most likely be cancelling my current gym membership and checking into the new Zumba studio being built. I think I just tapped into one of my new favorite activities and it’s pretty exciting!


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