December goals

This week marks the end of my first semester of graduate school and I couldn’t be more elated, particularly because it means I have a lot more time on my hands to devote to setting up and accomplishing a few monthly goals. While I don’t particularly have a theme for this month (which technically really isn’t December, it’s more half-December, half-January) I think the crux of it all comes down to focusing on personal development activities.

1. Keep a daily one-sentence journal. I’ve been intrigued by this idea ever since I read Gretchen Rubin’s The Happiness Project but what really inspired me to embark on the project was the death of a high school friend over the weekend. Her death, while tragic, served as a reminder to appreciate my life while it’s happening. In a time of rapid personal growth, I want to look back some day and know what it was like at this stage of my life – the good and the bad (although I do plan to focus on the good rather than the bad). My hope is that I’ll continue with this project long after the month is over – I can think of no greater way to add happiness to my life than to appreciate it while it unfolds.

2. Abstain from all forms of communication for one day. With school not in session for the next month, its ample opportunity to use time otherwise spent on social media, my phone, or watching TV for personal development activities. While it may sound like I’m trying to seclude myself from the outside world, that isn’t the intent. I’m taking this approach to promote more face-to-face interaction with family and friends and to make sure I’m taking the time to know what’s going on in their lives free from any outside distractions. Although to be honest, I do plan to take full advantage of this technology-free day and embark on a little “me time”.

3. Be crafty. I have never been a very crafty or artistic person, but in tune with expanding my horizons and setting out on new adventures I really want to give it a whirl.  Particularly since we’re in full swing for the holiday season, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to put my skills to the test. I’ve already finished my first craft of the month and while I’m dying to blog about it, I’ll have to let you see it after Christmas. I wouldn’t want to ruin the surprise for the lucky recipient! I have a few other craft projects up my sleeve that fall in line with some home improvement projects on my long list of things to do around the house, so I’m definitely looking forward to seeing how it all turns out.

4. Try one new thing a week. This always seems to be a constant when I set monthly goals but I don’t think it’s something I can ever exhaust. Whether it’s trying out a new recipe in the kitchen, hiking a new trail, or trying out a craft project I’m always up for new adventures. Plus, it gives me more content for the blog, which I can’t complain about.

So, there you have it. Cheers to a productive, yet merry holiday season!


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