Heavy feelings

For the last couple of weeks I’ve been hard pressed to find time to focus on anything but work and school. While the constant ebb and flow is a surefire way of approaching burn out, I’ve actually been thankful for the distraction primarily because I’ve had my fair share of heartbreak recently and I would just  assume not think about it. For starters, I ended a relationship and friendship that was seemingly becoming more one-sided and while I’m the one who chose to walk away, it’s not because I stopped caring. Those are always sticky situations and it’s perhaps the finality of the end that makes it last longer than it ever should have. And two, well, sometimes family break your heart too and there’s really no rhyme or reason why.

I think it’s a testament to the fact that I’m getting older or perhaps more wise (one can hope), that I can recognize the need to let these things go. There are few things in life we have complete control over but we have to make a conscious choice to continue being humble and compassionate and to not let the hurt or the anger consume us. People will come into your life and just as quickly leave it. It’s possible not everyone’s purpose in your life is one of permanency, but is rather fleeting. Through all the hurt, you can at least be thankful they are someone who taught you more about yourself, what you want out of life, where you want to go, or even to recognize who might be holding you back from getting there. There isn’t always an explanation for why things happen the way they do but it isn’t worth the mental exhaustion or agony to spend your time analyzing where things went wrong. Sometimes you just have to let things go for the mere fact they don’t work anymore. Perhaps that realization is why the following struck such a chord with me.



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  1. Dina Schultz

    I know that sometimes family can hurt one without even knowing it. Try to take the feelings and never do the same to others in your life. You are a sweetheart full of love and laughter. It is sad that many people don’t realize that life is a precious commodity for sure. Time goes on … time flys by … time has a way of healing our hearts. Unfortunately, without the pain we feel in life, we cannot know true happiness. Take the feelings of loss and move forward knowing you are a great person. God does have a plan for you. Your angel is always watching over you. Love, Momma

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