Thanksgiving festivities

As the hostess for this years Thanksgiving festivities, I crafted a spectacular menu: cider-braised turkey, new potatoes, sweet potatoes, a vegetable medley, cranberry-couscous stuffing, homemade apple pie and (store-bought) pumpkin pie.

First up was a recipe I found for cider-braised turkey, sage, and sweet potatoes. Although the original recipe called for chicken I substituted it with turkey tenderloin since I thought the seasonings would go well with either choice of meat. And, instead of baking the turkey with the sweet potatoes I put it in the slow cooker on low for seven hours. The turkey came out really moist and although the sweet potatoes were a little soggy for me, they were exactly how my Dad liked them. With the leftover juice stock we made some gravy which had a nice kick with the sage leaves put in. I haven’t really used sage too much in the dishes I normally cook but I’ve become a big fan. Overall, the mixture has made for good leftovers and I’m loving the turkey sandwiches. It’s definitely something I’ll make again and which serves as a good meal for when I have friends/family over.

On the other hand, the cranberry-couscous stuffing was a disaster. I’m not quite sure how or why the recipe got rave reviews online. Even though the dish itself was easy to prepare, there wasn’t much flavor outside of the extremely tart tasting cranberries. I imagine if you poured a ton of sugar on it, it would have helped but that defeated the purpose of the dish. I wanted something healthy. Oh well, I love the adventure of trying out new recipes in the kitchen and sometimes they don’t always work out.  Here’s the culmination of all my hard work – it turned out really pretty!

While the majority of my sweet family is scattered across the states, I did get to share in the holiday festivities with my parents, brother Ryan and his family.  There are a million and one things I’m thankful for, but I’m especially thankful for all the loving people in my life, near and far. I love you guys. Happy Thanksgiving!


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