The joys of being a homeowner

I purchased my cute little bungalow home a little over two years ago and the joys of being a homeowner are never-ending. Although being a homeowner requires a lot of responsiblity I love the fact that I have privacy, freedom to live how I want and decorate according to my tastes, and the sense of pride I get anytime I tackle a home improvement project to fix it up. Mostly, I just really enjoy being able to relish in how comforting and homey it feels here.

All that aside, it really sucks when things start breaking down. When one thing goes, it’s just a matter of time till the next thing. And before you know it you’ve spent tons of money you don’t really have. A year ago my dishwasher broke. I’ve been doing dishes by hand for the past year for the very fact that my small and awkwardly sized dish washer costs $700 to replace. Ridiculous! I’ve been getting along just fine though and then all of a sudden my washing machine broke. I inherited all of this equipment from the previous owners, who inherited it from the previous owner, who also inherited it from the previous owner. So basically what I’m getting at is this equipment is ancient and I knew it was just a matter of time till it wanked out on me. So instead of getting upset I put on my big girl pants and headed to Lowe’s to check out replacements.

It really is amazing how much some washing machines cost. Being cheap Lindsay, I went for the second lowest priced one and although it’s not all that pretty it’s still energy-efficient so I don’t feel cheated at all. Since I was there I figured I might as well get around to replacing the dish washer too. I walked out of the store making a huge dent in my wallet and while that normally would put me in a bad mood I actually left with a feeling of elation at the prospect of having new home appliances. This is how you know you’re getting a little wacky!

So now I have new home appliances installed and they’re working wonderfully. I forgot how much I love dishwashers and now I never want to part with one again. There’s still a lot to conquer in this little old house but I’m excited for the upcoming adventures!


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  1. Dina schultz

    Is the dishwasher working great?

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