Cool(er) weather is soup weather

I have to say I am loving all this nearly fall weather! Not only does it mean I finally get to pull out my boots, scarves, and sweaters but I also get to start making all my favorite cool weather meals, mainly soups.

If you didn’t know it, soups are actually a great weight-loss (or weight-maintenance) meal. As long as you stick to soups that are broth-based and filled with vegetables and lean meat, you’re set. Outside of my obsession with broccoli and cheese soup, I’m lucky the bulk of my favorite soups fall into this category.

Since I was feeling a little adventurous in the kitchen, I decided to whip together an italian sausage soup. The recipe requires little preparation time and the ingredients are fairly straightforward and simple to put together. What I love about this soup is it’s packed with tons of fresh vegetables like mushrooms, carrots, green beans, zucchini and squash. I wasn’t sure how the italian sausage would taste mixed with the vegetables, but surprisingly it added a lot of kick and flavor and meshed really well. I also chose this recipe because I love CHEESE and PASTA and it called for cheese tortellini. In the end, I would actually remove this particular ingredient mainly because after the first meal the tortellini gets a little soggy. But more so because it made me feel bloated. I definitely plan on making the soup again so perhaps I will replace the cheese tortellini with some mini penne or something.

In the end, I paired the soup with some homemade wheat rolls and it makes for a simply perfect, hearty meal. Plus, it makes for even better leftovers. Bonus!


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