Girls on the run

I’ve been looking for some volunteer opportunities in Columbia for the past year now and unfortunately I really haven’t come across any cause that I could get behind and willingly devote a couple of hours to each week. But like most everything else in my life, an opportunity sneaked up on me when I was least expecting it.

Here’s the background. This week, Liz and I were having one of our many life chats about our long-term goals in life. In particular, we were talking about how we wanted to start our own non-profits but had no idea how to marry all of our interests together into something that was cohesive and made sense.  My interests: life-coaching, happiness projects, self-actualization, exercise, healthy eating habits, farm to school programs, urban farming, farmers markets — the list goes on.

Then, Liz told me about a program her sister had worked with and that incorporated a lot of what I was interested in. The program is called Girls on Track and essentially helps 6th-8th grade girls address the challenges they face in their emotional and physical well-being. It’s an after school program that meets twice a week. Each week is a new focus from learning about self-care and self-awareness, how to have healthy relationships and eating habits, and deal with conflict resolution. At the end of the program, each girl teams up with a mentor and you run a 5k together. The end result is to build happy, self-confident young women who know they have the responsibility and power for intentional decision-making. That is definitely a cause I can get behind!

Currently there is no Girls on Track program in Central Missouri BUT there is a Girls on the Run program which is catered to girls in 3rd-5th grade. There are a lot of volunteer opportunities with the program including one day activities like helping out at the 5k races or you can volunteer to be a coach. I just received an email this morning and have a meet-up scheduled with the Coach Coordinator on Monday. As if I’m not already busy enough, I’ve actually found something that I think would add a lot of meaning to my life. Just last week I posted about finding a happy medium between work, school, and my life. One of my goals to find and maintain balance is to still slot out enough time for me to do things that bring happiness to my life. I am so ecstatic to get more information about coaching and a few months from now, who knows – maybe I’ll be an officially certified Girls on the Run coach!



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2 responses to “Girls on the run

  1. Dina schultz

    Sounds like fun girl!!! Proud of you.

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