Always at the most inconvenient time I get sick. I started off my trip to Fond du Lac, WI to visit my Mom with a head cold. A minor annoyance on Thursday morning turned into severe congestion by the time my plane landed Thursday evening. 30,000 feet in the air creates a lot of sinus pressure and I ended up spending Thursday and Friday pretty worn down and feeling icky. Thanks to some over the counter medicine and my dedication to exercise, the sinus pressure cleared and I was feeling great come Saturday. Which really worked out perfectly considering we headed to Madison that day.

Visiting Madison was the highlight of the trip for me. Our first stop was to the Farmer’s Market which is situated around the Capitol Plaza near downtown. There were over 150 stalls and even though we didn’t end up buying anything substantive, we enjoyed walking around and sampling the food, picking flowers, and people watching. I was actually surprised at how low the cost of food was there. There literally was a zucchini the size of my arm and it was only $1. If we had some forethought to bring a cooler and ice, we might have actually bought some ingredients for our cook-out we did on Sunday. Maybe next time though!

While in Madison we also explored the University, which is not only massive and architecturally beautiful but is also situated on Lake Mendota. The views are gorgeous around that area. In the afternoon we decided to take a side trip up to Sauk City to visit Wollersheim Winery. On the way, we stopped in a suburb of Madison called Middleton. The town was voted one of America’s top places to live for young professionals by Money Magazine a few years ago and after driving through I was thoroughly disappointed. It was more reminiscent of an old folks retirement community and while that’s all fine and dandy it wasn’t really my cup of tea. I officially marked that town off my list of places to relocate to.We spent the evening back at Capitol Plaza for a food/band festival. Imagine Roots n’ Blues but multiply it by 100. It was awesome.

Even though I really enjoyed visiting Madison I also marked it off my relocation list. I actually see myself living in Fond du Lac over Madison and the bulk of my decision comes down to how dog-friendly and community-minded the area is. There are aspects I love about Madison like how the community is built on supporting local business and community health but I also am not keen on how city-like the area feels. As I get older I find myself wanting to remain in smaller communities. I suppose I’m not any closer to figuring out where I’ll end up location-wise a few years from now but at least I’ve explored one of the potentials and made a definite decision. I think the worst thing that could happen is to uproot my life and completely hate the community I end up in. It’s a work in progress!

Here’s some photos:


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