Travel time

One of my August goals is to plan a traveling excursion. I had my mind set on an international trip, specifically to El Salvador. It’s a country rich in history and culture and that’s exactly the kind of traveling excursion I want to set out on. I received my check from the university for the remaining amount of my student loans and was so ecstatic because I could finally purchase that ticket I’ve been longing for the past month. Not exactly what you’re supposed to use student loan money for but hey, you only live once! Unfortunately, within a two-week time period, my ticket prices jumped from $700 to $1200 and it just isn’t doable at this point. I’ve put a price tracker on the trip so if the prices drop substantially, I’ll definitely book it. Instead, I decided to plan my traveling excursion for the month to Madison, WI.

You’re probably asking, “Why Madison?” Well, next week I’ll be flying to Wisconsin to visit my Mom over Labor Day Weekend. Since I really love strategically planning my future, I’ve been contemplating moving up there once I’m done with grad school. Even prior to my parents moving to Wisconsin, I knew I wanted to relocate and try a new adventure elsewhere once I finished school. I had been doing some research on what the best places to live in are for young professionals. Coincidentally, Madison, WI is on the list and after perusing all the usual visitors conventions, relocation websites, and local spots I am hooked on this place! My parents live in Fond du Lac which is about an hour and 15 minutes from them – the perfect day trip AND financially do-able. Here’s our plan:

1. The Dane County Farmer’s Market. We’ll start our morning at the largest producer-only farmers market in the country. I’m hoping we can pick up some veggies and meat for our Labor Day celebrations and bring them back to Fond du Lac. I love farm to table meals!

2. State Street. This area is the heart of the University of Wisconsin campus. I’m really looking forward to exploring the campus, maybe check out a few of the free museums, and get some information on PhD programs there. State street is also known for their local pubs and galleries so I bet we get lunch here.

3. Wollersheim Winery. What’s a traveling excursion without a stop at the local winery? They offer tours and wine tastings too so I’m sure we’ll head out on one of those.

4. Dinner at Quivey’s Grove. A restored 1855 estate and part of the national historic registry. Sounds neat and I bet their food is delicious!

5. Memorial Union Terrace. The perfect place to watch the sun set over Lake Mendota, eat some Babcock ice cream or have some beer and popcorn.

My goal for this traveling excursion is to experience the local culture. I really like Columbia’s culture so I’m hoping I get the same vibe in Madison. I hear it’s a progressive, outdoors-oriented town and super dog-friendly so it’s already winning high points with me. I’ll be there next weekend so look out for pictures and new posts!


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