My newest obsession

I woke up this morning doing a mental check of all my weekly goals for August and realized I needed to spice things up a bit. While trying new recipes in the kitchen and getting back into running are satisfying new adventures in their own ways, I wanted to find something new that was fun and wasn’t an item on my already growing to-do list.

I had my mind already set on going to garage sales around my neighborhood this morning so when I saw that my friend Greta was having one as well, which included a bike, I was curious to check it out. I’ve been wanting a bike for the last couple of years but can never bring myself to spend the money on a quality one. In college, I biked everywhere – to school, downtown, the grocery store, etc. But when I moved to Guatemala in 2010 I sold my bike, bike rack, and everything else I owned. So when I saw Greta’s announcement on Facebook I got really excited.

The bike is in great shape and I love that it’s PINK, has a basket, and was only $50. I feel like I got a great deal on the bike and all I’ve been doing today is riding it everywhere I can think of. I just bought a parking pass for grad school but now I’m thinking I may just have to bike to campus instead. I live close enough and I also want to show off my rad new bike! So here it is, meet my newest obsession:


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  1. Dina Schultz

    Love it. It is you!

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