August goals

I got out of the habit of setting up monthly goals awhile back in part because I started to feel like my life was becoming a list of constant to-do items. I lost focus on the process of each new experience I embarked on and rather than relishing the journey, I only wanted to meet my mark. So while I still had overarching themes I wanted to accomplish each month, I didn’t outline specific goals I needed to accomplish each week to get me there. In recent weeks though, my attitude toward everything has been pretty lackadaisacal. For being an avid outdoors person, the 100+ degree weather and unbearable humidity has kept me inside limiting my activity to pressing the channel up button on the changer. I’m hungry for some energy and in need of an attitude adjustment so I’m back to setting some goals for August to get me in the groove again.

My overall goal for the month is to try something new. Whether it’s a zumba class, going on a date, or doing a craft project, I need to start doing something with my free time rather than sitting inside. The heat is no excuse. I’ve already got a few activities lined up and I’m hoping to do at least one new thing a week. Breaking my overall monthly goal down into more manageable pieces will keep me focused. Plus, it actually gives me something to look forward to each week which is energizing.

Additionally, I have a few other goals in mind for August which include…

Plan a traveling excursion. I love backpacking through Central America. I love the culture, the food, and the activities. I haven’t been on a backpacking trip since my two-week excursion through Belize and Guatemala in 2011 and I’m hardcore craving a little bit of adventure. Inspired by Liz’s sisters trip to London over Thanksgiving, I’ve decided to use some of my money leftover from my financial aid this semester to fund my next jet-setting experience. While I have an adventurous spirit, I’m also a pragmatist and a planner. I have a general idea of where I’d like to head but I’m hoping to iron out the details and book the ticket by the end of the month.

Blog three times a week. Due to my lackadaisacal attitude, I’ve been skimping on my blog posts the past couple weeks. I always feel accomplished and successful when I finish a blog post, even if the content is of no relative importance. I need to get back into the swing of things and since writing is a release for me, I think it will add to my overall happiness.

Set an allowance for social activities. In my quest to get a handle on my budget and spending habits, I’ve noticed I spend way too much on social activities, sometimes equaling over $150 a month for one person. Taking a suggestion from zero-based budgeting, I’ve decided to set up an allowance for myself. At the beginning of each month, I get $80 to fund social activities throughout the month which includes things like going out for dinner, drinks, movies, etc. While it’s a drastic cut from $150, I’m hoping it will inspire more quaint dinner parties at home where food costs are cut in half. Additionally, I think it’ll get me more involved in local activities, like community theatre and concerts in the park where ticket costs are more manageable. As a reward to myself, any extra money I have left over at the end of the month will go into my travel fund jar which I can use on my backpacking trip. Double bonus!

August will definitely be a busy month, especially since I start grad school mid-month but I’m excited to have some actionable goals in place. Plus, I’ll have more content for my blog which is always a good thing!


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