Keepin’ it real

I’m in a weird place today. I had a phone conversation with an old college buddy tonight and he made me realize how shady I’ve been in communication lately. He is my most straight forward, to-the-point friend and in catching him up on my life he plainly asked me, “Do you ever just take a step back from your life and feel like you make so many concessions for the people you are vying attention from and forget the people who really matter to you?” WHOA – talk about a jaw dropper for me, I felt like I was slapped in the face but unfortunately, I think he makes a good (and more importantly, valid) point.

So, naturally, I started feeling guilty for being a bad friend and guilty feelings lead me straight to comfort food (chocolate chip cookies). I’m four in, but don’t judge because I plan on eating more. Then, because my friend’s comment made a light bulb go off in my head I started writing everything I could think of down on paper to explain why I’ve been giving my time and energy to the people who least reciprocate it. What started out as my blog post turned into a bunch of incoherent rambling some three pages long. The only word I could use to describe this incoherent rambling is rage. I highlighted every word and hit delete because in the midst of my ranting I was also looking for some insightful quote and I stumbled upon one of the greatest posts ever about “keepin’ it real” with your true friends on Thought Catalog.

The people in our lives who really care are often forgotten as a constant baseline of life. They are the people who, through thick and thin, will answer our calls and be there to listen when we have something important and, perhaps, boring to say. But their love is often so unglamorous, so necessary to our lives as to be invisible, and the fact that we don’t thank them more for it is nothing short of criminal.

A shameless plug for all of my friends and family who are always there and who I am guilty of taking for granted. I love you! And a special apology to the friend who snapped me out of my bubble – thanks for “keepin’ it real” with me.


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  1. Dina

    What you said above is very true. Sometimes those people who are closest to us are taken for granted. And, true friends are there with life’s ups and downs. You are always there for me! Thanks and we love you so much.

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