I’m an ENFJ. What are you?

Last Friday, during dinner with some friends, one of the topics of discussion was a personality quiz that two of them had taken and how spot on the analysis was of their personality traits. At the end of the conversation I had already resolved to take the quiz myself but when I started reading another book on my summer reading list today, A Girls Guide to Being a  Boss Without Being a Bitch, I read a chapter on working in environments that have different personality traits among colleagues and how you interact with each person will vary based on “who” they are. Although I’m not in a management position, I still believe a lot of what’s in this book can influence how I perform in my current role. I feel like there are always going to be areas of improvement in my professional life so I found the book to be enlightening as I set out on my path of career development. I would highly recommend reading it.

So, all that being said, my friend sent me the link to the personality test and I took it this afternoon. I’m an ENFJ, meaning extrovert(33%), intuitive(38%), intuitive feeling(38%), and judging(67%). Interestingly enough, I’m only moderately ENF but very distinctly J. Taken from the book, I’ve listed out exactly what each of these personality traits mean. I’m not sure if I’m a firm believer or that I think ENFJ is an accurate portrayal of my personality. Or, maybe I just perceive myself differently? I guess my biggest point of contention is listed on the most distinct quality – Judging. I have always envisioned myself as more spontaneous, open, and flexible in life – even my friends describe me that way. But truth be told, even when I’m being spontaneous, I have a clear, concise plan in mind. So maybe this damn personality test is right.

“E”s are energized by having interactions with others and may often speak without thinking something through. They are people of action and present their best abilities to the world.

“N”s gather information through relationships and concepts – picking things up by watching, grasping ideas before getting to grips with details.

“F”s make decisions subjectively and personally based on what they feel is right. Decisions are based more on their emotions and the feelings of others rather than logic. -As a side note, I know my parents will read this and say bullshit partly because I analyze situations to the max, but at the end of the day, I always go with what my heart wants. Prime example: all those times I broke up with old boyfriends and went right back to them.

“J”s prefer to live planned and structured lives, having things settled and decided (boo).

What I found most interesting is the section related to what career paths best suit your personality. At the top of my list is counseling and social work. Numerous times I’ve been told I should be a life coach, and well, currently the work I do and am qualified in doing is in the social service arena. I feel proud that despite reason and all logic, I chose a major in undergrad that had no clear direction but whose content made me feel enlightened and whole inside – like I could really make a difference and impact the world in some way, some day. The more I think about it, maybe ENFJ does suit me. I had a blast with this this afternoon and now I feel like I need a long life-chat with someone  just to muse it all over.


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One response to “I’m an ENFJ. What are you?

  1. Dina


    I just read your blog! Uhhhh … I think the test is right on!!! You are a planner, detail-oriented, but still a free spirit! I laughed quite a bit on your thoughts. I need to take this test again. I believe I am high on the E and F areas. Need people and use my feelings to make decisions.

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