Fresh look

If you check this blog regularly, you can noticeably see the look and feel of my blog has changed. Not only did it counteract my writer’s bloc, I also found a new focus and theme for my writing. The original intent of this blog was to explore my life, set goals and find activities to make living my life a more enriching experience. And while those are still driving forces behind me blogging, I feel like my blog purpose has sort of taken it’s own form over the last couple of months. So although the web address will stay the same ( I didn’t want to be “strapped” to writing about just a few topics, mainly happiness. I wanted the flexibility to explore new interests, learn, and grow in my own way. I am no Gretchen Rubin (although I adore her).

I chose “Wandering and Wondering, discourse of a free spirit” as the blog title and I absolutely love it. Lacking creativity in every bone of my body, I feel like I owe Liz a huge kudos for the name change inspiration. She really helped me to put all the words I (and others) would use to describe me and mesh it together in a way that made it all work. I particularly love discourse of a free spirit because they seem like such opposites of each other. Discourse is so scholarly and free spirit just doesn’t fit with that. I thought it perfect for where I’m at in life right now. The yearn to travel, wander, and explore yet being grounded and starting the next chapter of my life in graduate school…always wondering what’s next. It’s so me.

Speaking of “so me”, I also added an old map of Guatemala to the blog title. This place will always hold a special place in my heart. It’s never ceased to be a source of constant inspiration to me. More than anthing, the map is a reminder of my previous life there and how passionate I was about the work I did. Since I’m seeking that same passion in all aspects of my life right now I wanted everyday to see something that reminded me not to settle for anything less. With that, I hope you like the new blog as much as me!



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2 responses to “Fresh look

  1. Dina Schultz

    Waundering and Wondering! Discourse of a free spirit. Are you talking about me? I feel like this completely and am almost 50.

    But, it too describes you since you were little. Except when you were attached at my leg like superglue at the age of 3. Daddy pried you loose and took you on your first journey around 25 aisles in the grocery store. Screams Momma, Momma, Momma could be heard everywhere. I had to let you go a bit to get over that separation anxiety.

    As you start graduate school think about your goals and know that this is a path that will take you on another journey. We cannot control our destiny totally but can enjoy it day to day.


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