A work in progress

Back in April, I mentioned that one of my goals over the next couple of months would be to start working on some home improvement projects. I love my cute little bungalow home but it’s small on space so in my quest to live minimally, a lot of my focus has been how to utilize the most space with the least amount of furniture. In particular, I find a ton of inspiration from one of my favorite home improvement blogs, House Tweaking. I absolutely love this lady’s style so when I came across a DIY “love” headboard, I decided to make-over my guest room.

The headboard was made from old barn wood I was able to take from a friend’s farm. Since I’m not very handy, I gave my plans to my Dad to build it for me and he did a great job! I was surprisingly impressed and I love that he gave it a more rustic feel by off-setting the boards so they weren’t perfectly aligned.

I was almost tempted to leave the headboard as is since it had so much character, but for the feeling I’m going for in the guest room, I’ve decided to go ahead and paint “love” in yellow. I bought some chalk and some spray paint. Still needs a few more coats, but here it is so far.

And since I hate painting, I hired my little brother to come over and do the job for me. The original room I got inspiration from used a dark charcoal gray as the wall color. Since my guest room doesn’t get a lot of natural light, I didn’t want to go too dark so I went for a more light and airy gray. I spent two hours at Lowe’s and finally decided on Valspar’s Bonsai. When presented with a million and one options, it takes me awhile to make a decision but I’m so glad I chose this color – I absolutely love it! It’s versatile and I’ve realized I have endless amounts of color combinations I can use for accent pieces.

The only thing left to do in the room is paint the base boards and do a little touch up. I get more accomplished early in the morning for some reason so I plan on finishing that up tomorrow and putting the final yellow coat on the headboard. Hopefully everything will be dry in time for my Dad to come flush mount the headboard to the wall tomorrow and all will be D-O-N-E!  On the to-do list for tomorrow: home accent shopping. Yeah!



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2 responses to “A work in progress

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  2. Dina Schultz

    You made good decisions for sure on room colors, etc. My designer girl!!!

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