Treat yourself

I’m an avid reader and fan of Gretchen Rubin’s blog, The Happiness Project. With my busy schedule the past couple of weeks, I hadn’t made much time for catching up on her posts or the posts of another blog I love to read, Scary Mommy (hilarious). So tonight, after my little run outside, I made some time to do just that. Reading Gretchen’s posts always remind me to stay the course and focus on enriching my life by doing things I enjoy. I have to admit that sometimes it feels like a chore always being conscious of that. Tonight, though, I stumbled across the exact inspiration and reminder I needed: don’t forget to treat yourself in the process.

In particular, one sentence in Gretchen’s post really struck a chord with me tonight. She said, “…it’s important to take time for treats…without them, we can start to feel resentful, depleted, and irritable.” I hate to say it, but this describes exactly how I’ve been feeling lately. Taking the time to treat myself to the things I love and enjoy will help to restore some of the balance and harmony I’m been ravenous for this past week.

For me, some of the things I absolutely love to treat myself to are hot baths, bath salts, candles, massages, pedicures and manicures, and to make it all better…drinking WINE while doing all of the above. So guess what I did tonight? I indulged in a hot bath complete with ZUM bath salts (my favorite) and did a home-made pedicure and manicure treatment. Thanks to my parents, one of my birthday presents this year was a gift certificate to a spa so tomorrow I plan on booking a massage. It’ll give me something to look forward to this week and I can’t wait. For the perfect end to a self-indulging night, I am now curling up with a book and a glass of wine. Life is good.



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2 responses to “Treat yourself

  1. Dina Schultz

    And thank you for the zum bar stuff for Momma’s Day. I treated myself too. Oh the simple things in life are so much fun!

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