“Comfort” foods

I’ve been pretty stressed and overwhelmed over the past two weeks – just a lot on my mind and a heavy schedule. That of course has led me to emotionally eating any “comfort” food I can find. If you look at my portions, I’m probably eating for two and my fruits and veggies have been replaced with root beer floats, apple pie, and alcohol. I instantly regret eating all of that and in fact, it makes me feel worse and more stressed since I’ve been so focused on eating healthy and getting back to my college weight. Of the 8 pounds I lost since exercising and eating well, I’ve gained 4 of them back just in two weeks. Why can’t I take comfort in carrots and celery sticks?!

Today I’m wiping the slate clean though. Since I’ve started training for the 5k I’m becoming more conscious of what I put into my body again and actually feeling motivated to do something about it. Last night, I went to dinner with a friend and his food looked so yummy that I wanted to attempt the recipe at home. It was a linguini with shrimp and broccoli recipe. I know the majority of those types of dishes are cooked in lards of butter to jam pack it with flavor. I wanted the same dish, but with a lighter taste so I looked online and found a similar recipe.

I made a few modifications, adding broccoli and carrots to the dish and a few other spices the recipe didn’t call for. I also didn’t use any butter. Since joining Weight Watchers with my Mom, I’ve realized the bulk of the fatty stuff you eat comes down to the small things you add – packets of seasoning, butter, oils, PAM, etc. Just taking out that piece and substituting it with chicken broth and corn starch makes something normally worth 4 points only 2. And, I think the chicken broth actually turned out to be a good substitute. The corn starch makes it a thicker sauce to get that same consistency you see in the restaurants. Overall, the dish was packed with flavor and had a light, airy feel to it. I also love all the color in the dish! I’d love to add this to my regular mix of recipes since a small portion is so filling, but the shrimp is almost $15 for a pound. I think this might be my luxury dish I make on a monthly basis. Here’s to hoping the dish makes for good leftovers throughout the week!


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  1. Dina Schultz

    That recipe looks delicious. Yummy! Let us get back on the Weight Watchers point system this week. We do not have to be peefect but together we must be focused. Love my Linds!!!! Momma

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