10k to 5k

Ok – I will admit that when I made a goal to train for a 10k I may have been a little over zealous. After training for a week and a half I can confidently tell you that there is no way I can conquer a 10k in 8 weeks. I am having a hard time even making it to 1.5 miles without stopping to walk. That being said, I’ve thought about it today and I think I’m going to re-set my goal to training for a 5k. It seems more realistic for me at this point given the little athleticism I hold and my hate for running. At least with a 5k I think I am more likely to stick to the training plan and not get discouraged. I still plan to accomplish a 10k and eventually a half marathon, but I’ve got to work on being able to run 2 miles without it being such a big deal. Baby steps!

My new training schedule is one I’ve actually done before with my sister: the couch potato to 5k. This one was a pretty easy training schedule to follow and incorporates a run/walk combination to eventually get you to running three miles straight. I’m actually going to start at week three since I’ve been following the 10k training schedule and running 1.5 miles. It’ll take me less time to complete this one. Once I’m finished with it, then I’ll go straight into my 10k training schedule I mentioned in my last post. I think this is a better plan for me and it’s something that works with my level of fitness right now. Since I’ve been battling burn out, I don’t want to set too lofty of a goal so I’m glad I was able to re-assess where I was at and make a decision to do what works best for me and my comfort level.

As a side note, the one downside I’ve found to running this past week are the incredible shin splints I keep getting. I’ve determined it’s time to get a new pair of running shoes – mine are seven years old so I imagine having no cushion for the feet is part (if not all) of my issue. I went in search of a pair tonight and determined I am just extremely indecisive today. I stared at shoes for 45 minutes and still didn’t end up buying a pair. For some reason, faced with endless possibilities or too many choices I get overwhelmed and have anxiety attacks. This has happened to me before. The last time was at Christmas when I had to choose between what ornaments to buy and what tree to pick out. In the end, I know I am a perfectionist so I’m just nervous I’m going to make the wrong choice but come on – it’s freaking shoes! Somebody go shopping with me and force me to buy something, please!



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2 responses to “10k to 5k

  1. dakotalizzie

    I’m with you, lady! We could try to venture down to the outlet mall this month…. I got my favorite workout shoes at the Adidas outlet store and they’ve done wonders for my zumba moves. 😛

  2. Dina Schultz

    Buy the shoes love for your own comfort. Don’t fret the small stuff. Go with your first instinct. Love, Momma

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