On turning 24

It’s been a few days since my 24th birthday and I have to say I’m pretty happy with where I stand in life. Although turning 24 isn’t such a remarkable age to turn, I feel grateful for all of the experiences I’ve been able to enjoy the past couple of years – from moving to Guatemala to buying my first house to getting my first real-world job to getting accepted to graduate school…and everything that’s happened in between.

While getting older can bring to the surface all of the things “I should have done by now”, I actually feel pretty content with where I stand. I never stop yearning for more but I know I have a beautiful life, a beyond amazing family, my very own bungalow, a dangerous amount of independence and spirit, a sense of purpose, great friends, a passion for life and a desire to love, learn, and grow. In the past year I fell in love with myself, found love with someone else, had my heart broken, made mistakes but also good decisions, and set a path for self-discovery. Though I find it hard to believe I am 24 (and that much closer to the milestone “25-er”), I am looking forward to what this year of my life has to offer. Cheers to living the life you love and choose. Happy 24th to me!



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  1. Dina

    You have done a great job! Remember it is better to have loved and lost versus never loving at all. Better to know bad so you know good when it steps into your life. He will when you least expect it!!!

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