Finding perspective

I’ve been hard pressed to sit down and take the time to blog this past week. In fact, I haven’t wanted to really do much of anything at all due to complete exhaustion. Lucky for me, one of my best buds from college visited me this weekend. Our life chats were exactly what I needed to get my mind back on track. In fact, I think I found a little perspective.

The goals I set this month have become more of a chore and another item on the “to-do” list rather than an enriching life experience. Don’t get me wrong, I get complete satisfaction from de-cluttering my rooms, getting rid of junk I don’t need, and following a minimalist lifestyle. It gives me a sense of freeness and lightness, but I also think it’s contributing to the burnout I’ve been feeling lately.

I’ve set a really lofty goal for April: de-cluttering my home and life in 30 days. When you set a new goal it’s so easy to be overly enthusiastic and inspired. You start working really hard but then you ultimately crash and burn. You lose sight of the end result because you want to finish everything you want to do within a limited time frame. Rather than enjoying each experience, I just keep counting down the days I have left to tackle the next room and realize how much more work I have to do. I keep forgetting I have an entire life to grow. The task at hand is a good goal to set but I think it’s going to take more than 30 days to tackle. Putting that into perspective eases the pressure.

I read a blog this morning about battling burnout and the words stuck with me today. I hope they provide some sort of perspective and encouragement for all of you too, whatever goals you are setting in your own life.

“…this belief in the epiphany, that you can sit down one day have a great idea and suddenly change every aspect of your personal life is nonsense. Internal changes happen gradually, external changes even more so.”



April 23, 2012 · 1:36 am

2 responses to “Finding perspective

  1. Joanne Ivey

    My opinion on your blog is that you are so very young and have so much life to live but adding all the stress of a HAVE TO DO ATTITUDE will certainly make you burn out. I find that if you have a goal of cleaning one room and organizing it on a particular day but receive a phone call from a bud who wants to go do something on that day and then you feel guilt of not sticking to your original plan of organizing. That is not living your life you should be up to spontaneity whenever it occurs. The DE cluttering is not going to leave it will be there when you get back but the person or activity that you want to do will not be around tomorrow. Take every advantage that you can in enjoying life as it comes….planning can be over rated. Take it from someone who has lots of experience and has missed out on lots of opportunities and now regrets some of the choices made. However, it is never too late to be happy and change with whatever situation may occur that brings you happiness. Sorry I am just caring on but I wish you the best with your goals. Joanne

    • Thanks for the advice, Joanne! I am certainly up for spontaneity over “chores” though and am not sacrificing my fun time for de-cluttering. I just spent all weekend hanging out with friends over house chores! My blog is more about finding things that make me happier and free-er. It’s what keeps me accountable in accomplishing my goals. Everyone handles things differently and I believe the burn out I’m feeling lately is due more to trying to do everything all at once (spend time with family and friends, declutter my house, take on home improvement projects, stay on top of work) rather than my attitude. I appreciate your advice though and glad you follow me regularly!

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