Making progress

It’s been another jam packed weekend filled with family and friends. I’ve hardly had any time to focus on the organization of my house. In fact, it’s driving me a little bit crazy looking at all of it. I still have those four trash bags sitting in my dining room and I haven’t completely fine-tuned the “look” of my closets. It feels 95% finished – I’m itching to finish that last 5%. Hopefully tonight it will get done, but it’s volleyball night so who knows!

My goal this week is to get my files/bills in order. And, because I felt inspired and rejuvenated after (mostly) cleaning out my closets, I am going to tackle my bathroom as well. As for my home improvement projects – well, they aren’t really going anywhere. I’ve enlisted the help of a family member who keeps not showing up! Cough cough – you know who you are! Since I’ll be in Chicago all next week for a work conference, I’m not sure how far I will actually get on that project. It may have to trickle over into my May goals. And, now that I think about it, I haven’t started cleaning out my basement either. Lordy, I’m stressing myself out right now realizing how much I still have left to do to meet my April goals. I hope I can meet all of them. I really didn’t think I overdid it when I set them, but I do know I’m at least making progress. That makes me feel a little better.

I also had the time to actually try a new recipe this weekend which was a godsend. After spending three weeks eating healthy home-made meals, I ended up eating the past week’s worth of meals in restaurants. Between traveling, birthday celebrations, and plans with friends it was hard not to over do it. I drank entirely too much beer and ate entirely too much fried food. It was all well worth the good company, but I’m paying the price in other ways. I definitely felt more sluggish this weekend and didn’t feel like I had as much energy as I have had in previous weeks. My stomach is also bloated and I just feel like my body is weighed down. I made it a point to head to the store this weekend and pick up the ingredients for a casserole dish I’d been wanting to try – a spicy italian sausage baked ziti. The recipe actually called for turkey sausage, but I love the taste of italian sausage. The dish tasted fabulous and was jampacked with all sorts of flavor. It also made for some great leftovers. There’s no doubt it will be in my monthly mix of recipes. And, to top it all off, since I started eating healthy and watching my portions I’ve lost a total of 8 pounds. I feel pretty great!



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2 responses to “Making progress

  1. Dina

    Yummy. Can I have recipe.

  2. Yep! Click on the link in the post and it will take you to the recipe.

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