On the right track

I kept myself pretty busy yesterday with Easter fesitivites so I didn’t have a lot of time to sit and brood and be sad about losing a friend. Today is a little different, but I’ve decided to stay on the right track and keep thinking positive thoughts. I have decided to look at this past weekend and think only of all the great things that happened. So, to help me, I made a list of all the good, positive things that happened despite all the negative energy trying to penetrate my bubble. Here it is:

1. The Easter Bunny visited me! I always wonder when he’ll decide that I’m too old (hopefully never) but it was the best surprise! I got a basket full of self-care products, so stuff like eucalyptus (my favorite), cucumber lotion, lots of finger nail polishes, workout clothes, candles, you name it! I also really enjoyed the “map” my Dad drew for me to find it. Haha!

2. I was overly excited to find The Joy of Less by Francine Jay sitting on my doorstep when I got home from the dogpark on Sunday. When I was perusing blogs about minimalist living, I came across this book as recommended reading. I read the first couple of pages and had to have it. Every goal I set for this month is a complete chapter in this book! No surprise here, but I plan on using this book religiously.

3. I spent Easter Sunday afternoon at the dogpark with my parents. The sun was shining, we played with Miley, she swam and got lots of doggie treats from her grandparents, and then we went on a little walk around the trails. It was a relaxing afternoon and I loved spending it with my parents.

4. Life chats are one of my favorite things in this world. Ones with my parents are always the best. They were the perfect company after a restless Saturday night and offered some sound advice about friendship and keeping negative people out of my life. I felt 100% better after talking with them. If you ever need surrogate parents, I’m willing to share!

5. My best friend Monica surprised me Friday night and showed up at my house to say hi. It was so great to see her and I’ve missed her so much! We only live 45 minutes from each other, but I hardly get to see her. I’d say this was probably one of the highlights of my weekend – just to be able to hug her and catch up on life.

6. I received a text from an old college friend Saturday night and it really came at the perfect time! It’s nice to get a quick note from someone that just says, Hey! I miss you and am thinking about you. It was good to hear from her and I got to reminsce about some amazing memories I made with her and her husband throughout college. They visited me while I lived in San Francisco and to this day, I don’t think I’ve had a more fun weekend!

7. Naps. The best part about naps (and just sleeping in general) is waking up to this cute little thing nuzzled up to my face. She always makes me feel better.


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