Let go when you must

I’ve been bled dry of positive energy this weekend and I need to get my mind back on track. While most of my goals this month are related to de-cluttering my “space” so that I can live a more minimalist lifestyle, today I thought I would write about actually de-cluttering my life. Basically, to stop tolerating other people’s negativity and to let go when I must. 

I spent a restless night thinking about friendships and the simple conclusion I came to this morning was that I do not have control over what others say to me. I do, however, have control over whether or not I allow someone to be mean to me. And I do have the choice to ignore other people’s negativity rather than let them bring me down. 

Since I hadn’t yet given my letter of self-love to my Mom to mail to me at some random, needed time I decided to open it this morning and read it. It was exactly what I needed. The intent of my letter of self-love was to recognize my strengths, accomplishments, and positive attributes. One of the qualities I am most proud of is that I know how to be who I really am. My Dad sort of validated that for me when a few weeks ago he told my Mom, “I’m proud of Lindsay for not being afraid to show who she is – tattoos and all. Some people may not like it, but she really doesn’t give a shit. I like that about her.” Yeah, my parents are pretty great. 

So, that being said, today I choose happiness over brooding and negativity. I’ve realized that sometimes friendships are just broken and letting go is a must. Loving who you are and listening to your inner voice is the most important thing you can do for you. So, after this fourth cup of coffee, I am going to get up from this couch, blast some music, dance, and spend my day appreciating and surrounding myself with the great people (and dog) in my life. Happy Easter everyone! 




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4 responses to “Let go when you must

  1. Dina

    Letting go of the bad is something we all have done and will do in our lives. For those people who do not love you for who you are and choose to be, then to hell with them. You have many who love you very much. The people who have treated you badly are losers and judgmental. They will have lost for not knowing you, my Lindsay!

    Keep your positive spirit and trust in your journey. You will go far!!!


  2. Kristin Brotherton

    Oh Lindsay you are so right!! Sometimes friendships are not meant to be, sometimes people grow apart, and sometimes you get to know a person and realize they are not you what you want in your life and that is okay!! It is better to find out who your real friends are sooner rather than later. Also, yes get rid of the negativity..glad you realize you can’t change someone else…and how you approach it really does depend on you. Sometimes it is better not to dwell on things like that accept it and move on with better people that respect you!! Good job girlie!! Love ya!!

    • Thanks, Kristin! I appreciate the positive words of encouragement. It does suck to realize someone who you thought was your friend really isn’t. But that’s the way life goes and I’m happy that I have friends and family like you to keep me on the straight and arrow. 🙂 Love ya!

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