Making friends with folders

Okay, so since I started cleaning out my personal email inbox I felt inspired to also start cleaning out my work email inbox as well. I’ve cleaned up (mostly) my 2,000 and some personal emails and since it was relatively easy and quick to get it done (I did a lot find keyword, unsubscribe to listserv, and delete all) I thought it would be just as easy and quick to clean out my work email inbox. God I was wrong.

For work, I actually have to go through each individual email, document and file it, and THEN it can be moved from my pesky inbox into a personal folder. I have over 4,000 emails! Over the past week, I’ve made little headway on this part of my project. To have thousands of emails lurking in front of your face – it doesn’t even make you want to touch it. I did not realize what a hidden source of stress it serves and how distracting it can be. Plus, when I start going through them all of them I just find more items to add to my to-do/follow-up list (which isn’t exactly enticing me to follow through with this little quest). To be exact, in just 25 minutes of reviewing emails, I red-flagged 37 of them. That’s 37 more things I just added to my heavy schedule! I am kicking myself…and my desk.

One of the things I have become more conscious of over the past week though is that because I keep my work and personal email up all day long, I constantly get “BINGs” in the lower right hand corner of the computer screen which automatically pulls me away from what I’m working on. I get side tracked constantly from something that’s super important for me to finish for something not so super important and then I just get frustrated. One of my action plans is to set specific times of day to check on and respond to emails. I think processing emails first thing in the morning, at 11 just before lunch and at 3 will not only cut down on the stress level I’m feeling lately but also help me to be more productive throughout the day. Maybe I can actually make a dent in those 37 red-flagged emails I need to follow up on!

Anyways, this next week I am making friends with folders and checking my emails like clockwork. Hopefully, I’m succesfull!


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