April goals

April is all about finding order and balance in my life. Basically, I’m setting out on a mission to declutter my home and life in 30 days. Although I have never been a pack rat or hoarder of inanimate objects, I’ve found that owning a home makes it so much easier for things to just get thrown in a drawer or in the basement or in one of the three really teeny tiny closets in my home. Since I bought my house, I’ve accumulated two years of junk, 2,553 emails (which are still sitting in my inbox), a basement full of furniture I will “someday use”, and three years of bills just waiting to be filed. Creating a little bit of order in my life isn’t a matter of want anymore, it’s a necessity. Plus, I think the experience will be energizing!

On my to-do list this month:

  • Clean out my closets. With the help of Miss Liz, I will be cleaning out all of the clothes and shoes I’ve kept for the past five years. I currently use all three closets in my house. My goal is to get down to one and free up a little storage space. I think this process can go one of two ways. I could love it and feel liberated OR I could cry. I love my clothes and you know what – yes, that shirt I bought five years ago….every once in a blue moon (like when I haven’t done laundry in three months) I will wear it. This reasoning got me in trouble the last time I attempted this. I ended up getting rid of just half a bag of clothes. Hopefully Liz can keep me in line this time!
  • Clean out my basement. God knows what lies down there. I know for sure there are a couple of office chairs, a desk, half a bed, a storage shelf, a bunch of my ex-boyfriends military stuff (can’t wait to throw that away!) and papers I’ve kept from undergrad. Oh, and some more clothes.
  • Organize my personal email inbox. As of this morning I have 2,553 emails sitting in my gmail account. Don’t judge me. This is a lofty task and I think not one I can handle mentally in one sitting. I think I’ll allot 15 minutes a day for this jaunt. Most of it will be unsubscribing to listservs, which I can’t wait to do. While I love the Anthropologie store, they cloud my inbox at least three times a day which is just way too many. I’d rather have emails from family and friends cloud my inbox…hint, hint.
  • File my bills for the past three years. Or at least get rid of some of them! Okay, for not being a hoarder or packrat I will admit I am somewhat of one when it comes to keeping bills on file. While it’s never actually happened to me, I always feel like my biller will tell me I didn’t pay something when I actually did. And naturally, it’s always going to be the bill I paid two and a half years ago that they’ll ask for. Perfectly legitimate reason for keeping my stuff. I think I’ll enlist the aid of my Mom on this one. Who knows what I’ll find in that heaping stack sitting on my desk.
  • Improve my home. I have a few home-improvement projects lined up to make my house a little more space friendly. On a tight budget, I can’t always do what I want, but with the help of some family I’ll be building two new headboards. Since my rooms are small and my furniture from college is massive and boxy, I have had little room to move around in the bedrooms. I have some space saver ideas though and am probably most excited for this April goal!

So, there you have it. April goals for a clutter-free life and a clutter-free living space. Ultimately, what I hope to accomplish at the end of the month is some sense of balance. I would love to come home and not look around at things I should be doing or the 3-foot high stack of bills on the counter. I would rather just enjoy the space I’m in and  have a positive energy flowing in my home. With a decluttered living space, I’ll also have a decluttered mind. And since one of my goals I wrote about back in February was that I wanted to nurture my spirit, I think my April goals pave the way.


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One response to “April goals

  1. Dina Schultz


    You are so cute! I swear you take after your Momma. It will feel good to clean some of your past out including any old photos that should be burnt to a crisp! LOL

    As far as your bills, I only keep one year’s worth but always keep everything for your taxes. I will help you resolve that one. You do most of your banking online, so can always get copies of payments, etc. Burn it, pitch it!

    Clothes – You might give some of your clothes to the Viking neighbors. I’m sure the girls don’t have much so they would appreciate your clothing. Or, you can donate it.

    I really enjoyed the time with you this weekend during the Jeep Run at Jackie and Jesse’s farm. What a fun time and I could see you are very relaxed. You are special to me girlfriend.

    Love your posts! By the way, they are sort of a diary that you can keep for a long time.


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