One for the books

This weekend has been jam packed with quality family and friend time – and it’s not even over yet! I think I’ve had one of my best weekends in a long time. It’s made me feel very blessed today and thankful for the great life I have.

A few blog posts back I mentioned I would be planting my first vegetable garden ever. I finally accomplished that this weekend with the help of my good friend, Liz. I decided to go with a container garden rather than plant one in my backyard. For one, Miley would demolish it the second I planted it and for two, I really don’t have good soil in my backyard. It’s filled with rocks and brick debri and since I’m all about making things as easy as possible, I ditched the tiller and opted for easy container buckets. Thanks to my co-worker, Don, I was able to get free compost/soil from his farm, some lettuce seedlings, and a large green container. I also bought a few more containers and seedlings to plant broccoli, onions, green peppers, tomatoes, and strawberries. For not being much of a green thumb, I think it turned out great for our first attempt. All the plants should harvest by the end of May so now it’s just a water and wait game. I feel a sense of accomplishment and am just so anxious to start cooking with fresh veggies straight from my own garden. I can’t wait!

After spending the morning planting, we decided to try a new recipe for lunch – chicken parmigiana and garlic bread. It turned out pretty good and it was easy to make, although I don’t think it will be in my regular mix of recipes. It did make me want to cook with rosemary more, though. I hardly use rosemary in anything, but it really added a lot of flavor to the chicken. Perhaps I should plant a windowsill herb garden and add rosemary to it? I think that would be a fantastic idea!

The rest of my saturday afternoon and night was spent with family and some more friends. We all went jeep riding on my friend Jesse’s farm and had a BBQ later on in the night. I had a really great time visiting with everyone. My favorite memories were swimming in the creek in March (it was warm!) and sitting around listening to Jesse and his friends play the guitar and sing. They are all a really talented group of musicians and it was such the perfect end to a fun-filled day.

Although Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest, I have a lot on my to-do list. On top of running errands and cleaning the house today, I also need to plan out my April goals. I have a pretty good idea of what my focus will be for this next month, but I want to reflect on it a little more and make sure I have a clear direction for what I hope to accomplish. Since yesterday was all about family and friends, today is all about me and the Miley bear. We’re headed out for a jaunt in the woods now, but stay tuned because tomorrow I’ll be blogging about April goals!



April 1, 2012 · 5:16 pm

3 responses to “One for the books

  1. Dina

    Your blog reads like a book. I love the big day yesterday. It was fun going to the farm. It brought a sense of nostalgia for me being raised on a farm. Happiness is within ourselves for sure. Xoxo. Momma

  2. joanne

    You are working magic! KEEP IT UP! Joanne

  3. Mrs. N

    Sounds like an amazing weekend. I agree with you on rosemary…it is fabulous on chicken or pork. I will roast a whole chicken in the crock pot with nothing but garlic salt, rosemary, and black pepper and it is amazing! Love the pictures of your Miley!
    Mrs. N

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