What connecting with others has taught me

It’s time to wrap up my March goals and I thought what better way to end this month than to reflect on the things I’ve learned and the things that have helped me grow to be a more happier me. In no particular order, here it is:

I’ve learned to be my own best friend – do things that make me happy, feel connected, and appreciate myself a little bit more.

Letter writing makes me see my life differently. By writing letters to people who have impacted me in some way or another, I’ve been able to identify defining moments and lessons in my life. Also, I’ve been able to see how those individuals shaped me into the person I am today. By writing a letter to myself, I realized I have accomplished a lot in the past couple of years. I have a lot to be proud of. It feels good to recognize myself and give a little “thata’ girl” – I don’t get around to doing that nearly often enough.

Focusing on the relationships I have with family and friends has brought me closer to them. I have formed new friendships, mended and restored an old one, and strengthened current ones. I look forward to continuing that effort in future months. It’s brought so much happiness and sense of accomplishment that I wouldn’t dare stop my efforts here.

My March goals have encouraged me to continue blogging. I’ve learned that writing is also a way of connecting with others. I get so excited when I see the little stats number for views of my blog posts increasing. I have old friends and mentors who keep up with me on here and what’s even cooler is that I have a reader in the Philippines! It’s exciting to know I’m reaching people – strangers and all!

Connecting with others has enabled me to nurture my soul. I’ve been inspired to live a healthier life by those I surround myself with. Through that, I’ve found creativity in cooking and through cooking (in some weird way) I’ve found balance. There’s a light footedness in my step and I kinda like it.

Most importantly, I’ve learned that what makes a friendship or familial relationship stronger is the effort you put forth. The best conversations I had this month were with the people I broke bread with. Instead of a quick phone call or text, I spent a couple hours really talking to them and asking them about their life, as well as sharing mine with them. I’ve learned that opening up and really communicating (even if you do sound corny and hippie-like talking about peace and harmony and shit) makes the world of difference. If they really care about you – they’ll take the time to listen. And vice versa. Another plus of all this bread breaking I’m doing is I sort of feel like I’m nurturing my taste buds and expanding my culinary selections. Tonight, I tried Indian food for the first time with my friend Joanna from the dog park. Granted I didn’t go balls to the wall in my dish selection, I’m proud of trying something new!

So there you have it – what my experiences this month have taught me. I don’t think I learned anything life altering and I didn’t stumble across any profound life truth, but I do feel like I’ve grown the past few weeks. Between the mundane routine of work, travel, and the dog park, I’m finally feeling inspired. This inspiration bubbling up inside me, well watch out! It’s starting to lay the groundwork for my April goals. I can’t wait to share them with you all!



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2 responses to “What connecting with others has taught me

  1. joanne

    You have alwayd been a remarkeable woman in my heart….

  2. Dina

    As always, your words are much more mature for your age. You have a deep soul and could write a book. Think about that one.

    If you really want something always go for it. You got it going in girl. Momma

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