A well-deserved pat on the back

As March comes to an end, I have to say I’m proud of myself for meeting all of the goals I set out to accomplish in connecting with others and myself. While I sit here during my lunch hour, I can’t help but give myself a pat on the back. I’ve not only finished my fourth letter, but I’m maintaining weekly email correspondence with my brother, I’ve made several new friends, I’m spending more time with family and old friends, I’ve reconnected with the friend I was mad at, and I am living what I desire – a healthy life. In four weeks, I have enriched my life in so many different ways than I thought possible. And even though the month is ending, I know my efforts won’t. I can be proud of myself for having laid the foundation needed to maintain connections to myself and others.

I was trying to think of a big bang I could go out with this month and I was inspired by Liz’s blog post entitled Self Love. My letter writing had inspired her to write a love letter – to herself. In that letter, she recognized her strengths, accomplishments, and the personal growth she had gone through over the past couple of years. She gave herself a little bit of self love, sealed it up, and mailed it to herself so that in a few days she could open it and read it. What better way to deepen the love you have for yourself than to sit down and think about all of the positive things about you? Sure, others may recognize those qualities in you, but it’s harder to sometimes recognize it yourself. And so, my fourth letter will not be the last letter I write this month; the letter to me will be. I plan to write it this week, give it to my Mom, and have her mail it to me at some random time – ideally several months from now. Really, I guess whenever she feels is the appropriate time. I like the element of surprise and I know in a few months I will have forgotten I wrote this letter. To get it when I least expect it….there is no better way to make yourself feel simply amazing than to get a love letter out of the blue.

In other news, I’m still eating a lot of chicken. This weekend I made easy fried rice. I substituted scallions for chicken and it was delicious! It had a light flavor to it and I didn’t feel so heavy after eating it. It’s made a good lunch for several days and since I love chinese food, it hit the spot.

My only problem is I still have a TON of chicken left. Seriously, no matter how much I snack on it, it seems I’m not making that much of a dent. Since I travel for work two nights this week, I’m trying to use it all up before I leave. That means I eat chicken at every possible meal which is starting to get old (next week I’m sticking to beef). Tonight, I’m hoping to use the rest of the chicken in a baked ziti recipe with a few modifications. I imagine whatever is not used will go to Miley tonight, so lucky her! One thing I can say is that for constantly eating out, I’m really proud of myself for cooking. In four days, I’ve tried four new recipes. I’m kind of enjoying it too! Do you all have any favorite healthy recipes you’d like to share? I’m definitely open for suggestions.


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March 26, 2012 · 6:04 pm

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