Chicken every which way

I’m sitting in my kitchen nook this morning – dog at my feet, coffee in hand, a little Norah Jones in the background – writing this post and I have to say that I feel really light and care-free writing this morning. I’ve been up since six and in two hours I’ve managed to be quite productive. I’ve cooked a hearty breakfast, wrote my third letter and put it in the mail, and finished two loads of laundry. Today is going to be a good day.

In my last post I talked about living a healthy life, making sure I was eating right and exercising. This week, I’ve put my culinary skills to the test and tried two new recipes – they turned out fabulous! The first recipe was a pesto chicken salad and it was so easy to make! I have a freezer full of meat from my Dad’s farm, so I pulled out a whole chicken, thawed and seasoned it, and stuck it in the slow cooker for eight hours. The meat was extremely tender and had a nice flavor to it and I think it added a little something extra to the chicken salad. I was somewhat nervous about how it would taste because the recipe called for putting together two ingredients I would never use together: mayo and yogurt. Surprisingly, you couldn’t taste either and after refrigerating the mixture over night, it really kept the consistency together. For lunch the past two days, I’ve been eating the chicken salad on toasted whole wheat bread and I added some arugula and tomatoes. It looked really “green”. Next time, I think I’ll make lettuce wraps instead of sandwiches to be a little bit different.

The second recipe was a black-and-white summer bean salad and I absolutely LOVED this recipe. I definitely think it will be a regular for me and it was really simple to make. I’m a big fan of cannelini and black beans. They’re not only filling, they just taste good in anything you add them to. Next time, I’ll limit the amount of onion I add and probably cut it in half. I also think I may add mexican corn next time. With those changes, I think it would still make a good salad but could also be used as a salsa for some chips too.

Overall, my first cooking venture has been a success. I still have a whole crock-pot full of chicken so I imagine the next week will be spent trying to use chicken in every which way. For dinner, I’ve been eating the left-overs, grilling vegetable kabobs and making baked potatoes. Either today or tomorrow, I think I may attempt home-made chicken fried rice which will be much more healthy than the restaurant version.

Happy weekend to all of you. It’s a beautiful day today and after a weeks-worth of rain, I hope you get out and enjoy it. Miley and I have plans to head to the dog park for a swim and then I’ll be picking up some donated supplies for my first-ever vegetable garden! I’m super excited and can’t wait to share that experience with you. Cheers!



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2 responses to “Chicken every which way

  1. Dina Schultz

    Thanks, Lindsay for getting me started on Weight Watchers. I made three recipes yesterday and ate 26 points exactly. I wasn’t hungry either. Made lemon chicken, cherry granola, homemade bean dip and torilla chips. Yummy.

    I am so glad that you are feeling good physically and mentally. That’s my girl.

  2. YUM! I want some of that cherry granola and bean dip!! Save me some! And I am so proud of you – I’ll help you through it. We can hold each other accountable 🙂 Love you lots!

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