My dog has a better life purpose than I do

I am a busy bee! Last night, my long lost friend that I’m trying to reconnect with asked what my week was like so that we could meet up and talk about our falling out. Even though it secretly made me happy to have to tell him I’ve got plans every night until next weekend (sorry, no time for you) I realized my personal life has taken a complete 180. The amount of free time I have lately is much more limited than it was just a few weeks ago. I was practically spending every night home and now in my quest to connect with others, my schedule is quickly filling up. I went to a family BBQ last night, have dinner plans with my friend Jesse tonight, volleyball tomorrow, work travel Wednesday, and Indian food night with the dog park girl on Thursday. My week is jampacked. And I kind of have mixed feelings about it. I enjoy the time I’m spending with family and friends and the time I’m setting aside for new friendships to develop, but I’m also missing my alone time. While it’s important to me to strengthen ties with all of these people, I also need to make sure I’m strengthening the ties to myself. Through this whole process, I can see how easy it would be to lose sight of that so I’m trying to remind myself to take little moments of time for me like eating lunch outside on the front porch, taking a walk with Miley, or going to yoga – these are all simple activities that bring me peace and moments of reflection. In short, they make me feel good and connected to myself in some way. I think I realized last night that I need to make sure I’m not scheduling so many activities that I never have a moment to breathe during the week. I need to be present in my life and not just a busy bee.

In other news, my first two letters arrived to their intended recipients – one to my brother and one to a highschool mentor. I think both were equally surprised they received one. I loved the reaction of my highschool mentor and how much it touched her. What’s even better is that my note has inspired her to reach out to her own family, friends, and mentors letting them know the impact they’ve had on her – it’s awesome to see the pay it forward effect taking shape and knowing I had a small part in it. I’m also way excited to learn that my brother and I will be pen paling back and forth now (which I can’t wait to read his response letter!). In the meantime, I’m working on the last two letters to send out and decided to try a game I blogged about a few weeks ago.

A few blogposts back, I talked about the playing at words game to get my creative writing juices flowing. My coworker Liz and I decided to try this out and while it didn’t really give me any direction on what to talk about in my letters, we had a good time with it. I think there is a strong case to be made for writing fortune cookies as a career option for me in the future but my favorite phrase that came out of this game was one by Liz. The word submitted by me was “purpose” and the phrase submitted by her was, “My dog probably has a better life purpose than I do at times.” Love it and so true!


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