Game night dinner party

I think it’s safe to say that game night dinner party was a success! I held the event this past Wednesday night and had eight friends show up. I cooked chicken enchiladas, mexican rice, and guacamole dip and I was actually impressed with how everything turned out – I think everyone enjoyed the meal too. I had every intent of taking snap shots of the finished product so I could post it on here and brag, but lo and behold I forgot. That’s okay, next time! 

For such an impromptu idea, I’ve realized I actually like hosting game night dinner parties much more than going out to the bars. Bars are fun but it’s normally always crowded and noisy so it’s hard to hear the person sitting next to you much less than the four people sitting across the room from you. When your goal is to get to know someone on a deeper level, it’s harder to do so at the bars and (at least in my experience) those types of scenarios will almost always result in awkward silences and someone strumming their fingers on the table wondering when the appropriate time is to get up and talk to someone else. What was nice about this experience was the fact that most of my friends had only heard of each other or met briefly out at the bars, but never had the chance to really sit down and get to know each other. Game night allowed those lines of communication to open up and I was so happy to see that everyone meshed really well together. In fact, I’m really proud of one of my new friends who  deserves the trooper award – he knew absolutely no one and still showed up. I think meeting new people can be intimidating at times so I admire that he came and actively participated in the group setting. I wish I could be more like that! Some of the highlights of game night: we formed a volleyball team which will start playing next week, planned two birthday celebrations, and learned that the answer to any Taboo clue related to peace or Earth Day is always “hippie” and then immediately following that “Lindsay” – haha. I hope to host some more nights like this one in the near future, but will make it a goal of mine to host a game night once a month. I’m thinking a potluck dinner party for next time and am already counting down the days! 

In other news, my schedule has been jam packed with family obligations the last couple of days. My grandfather’s funeral was Friday so I’ve spent the last two days visiting with family and eating a ton of food, and then eating some more. Despite my stomach hating me, it’s been great to see everyone. At the same time, the experience has been mentally and emotionally exhausting for everyone. My focus this weekend is to take some time for myself and spend it reading, reflecting, and taking in the beautiful sunshine. While most people have plans for St. Patty’s Day celebrations this weekend, my plan is to not have any plans. I hope you all enjoy your weekend as much as I know I will! 


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  1. joanne

    Losing a loved one is a very emotional tramua. Your mind and spitit will need healing. Take it from me, when i lost my dad it takes time heal so be patient.

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