Letters from home

I am feeling super accomplished today! I sent out two letters: one to a family member and one to a mentor from high school. I’m really excited for them to get the letters and I’m not even stressing about getting responses back (although I hope I do). Two down, two more to go! But I’m feeling so motivated to write a hundred more letters to friends, mentors, and relatives. I just feel inspired to spread the word about how much I love these people and what they’ve done to impact and inspire me. It makes me feel good to the core and I feel like this process of writing letters and connecting with others is helping me to achieve the thing I want most: to feel happy and content with myself. I’ve got good juices flowing today and loving every bit of it.

As part of my month of connecting with others and building more meaningful relationships, I am also hosting a game night dinner party with some friends – old and new alike. There will be seven of us in my teeny tiny home, but it should be fun! I’m excited to sit and break bread with the people I care about. I’m also excited that it’s a good mix of people. Some are people I’ve been friends with for quite a while and then there are three others who are brand new friendships (one I met just as recently as a week ago!). It’s hump day, and it’s the perfect time for all of us to take a break from the real world, eat some good home-cooking, drink a little Tecate, and have some fun making fools of ourselves in Apples to Apples!

Albeit I’m only two weeks into my March goals, I just want to say that I really think it’s making a difference. In the last week, I’ve had two people tell me how much happier I seem lately. And for me, that really means the world to hear. So, thank you!


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  1. Lisa

    I read this blog last night and thought it was a beautiful sentiment you shared. Imagine my surprise today to get a card in the mail! Your kind words made my day! You are just as sweet now as I remember you being in high school:-). I am going to follow your lead and drop a couple notes to some of the people in my own life to let them know that they are appreciated!

    Mrs. N

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