Give gratitude

“There is not a more pleasing exercise of the mind than gratitude.  It is accompanied with such an inward satisfaction that the duty is sufficiently rewarded by the performance.”  ~Joseph Addison

In some of the worst moments and hardships in our lives, we tend to think to ourselves “I wish” and “If only it was this way then my life would be so much different.” We don’t stop to think about what we are thankful to have and instead we sit there and think about how it could be. If it had been at any other time, I would have also taken this thought process and ran with it, but in the adversity of my Dad’s health issues I stopped today to give gratitude. In retrospect, I suppose its odd and perhaps a bit morbid that my Dad’s health issues have enlightened me, but at the same time is it not true that others’ misfortunes make us appreciate the good things in our lives that much more?  Today I looked at my Dad laying in a hospital bed and I thought to myself how stupid is it to have a resolution to be well when I already am well. I should be giving gratitude to the Gods for that and all I’ve been talking about are things like “I would be happier if” and “Doing this will make my life different”…I sat there and all I wanted to do was give gratitude – to my health, to being well, to being able to walk and breathe and live life. I give so much gratitude for all those things that are so important but so easily forgotten.


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  1. Dina

    You are starting to find the answers to happiness. Live, love and laugh. Everything else will take care of itself my love. Momma

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