Positive Thinking

In a previous post I mentioned I felt I lacked goals to be well mentally. I’ve been brainstorming on ways I could tackle this and truth be told, I haven’t really come up with anything outstanding. In fact, it’s been sort of discouraging and I’ve let that get the better of me. Just like words and ideas drive us towards happiness, they also drive us towards unhappiness and sometimes failure. But for me, it’s mostly just doubt. For no apparent reason, I have the blues today. Liz mentioned in her blog that the process to being happier in life doesn’t mean you won’t have days that are stressful or bad and that’s exactly what I needed to read. Today, I am taking the time to think positively. Don’t get me wrong, though, staying positive doesn’t mean you ignore the annoyances or difficulties of life, it just means spending the time to focus on thoughts that will only make you successful and increase your well-being. I think today I will stop dwelling on problems and focus on solutions. And workout. That helps too. 🙂


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  1. Dina Schultz

    Amen sister!

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