Detox: Day 1

Yesterday marked the first day of my 7 day detox plan. I spent Saturday at the Columbia Farmer’s Market and bought an abundance of fresh vegetables. I looked for fresh fruit to make fruit smoothies and found the only stand there that had the biggest blackberries I have ever seen. I got there before the actual market opened to scope out which stands I wanted to buy fruits and veggies from, found the blackberry stand, and stood in line for 10 minutes with one other man. I aimlessly rambled and talked with him about how excited I was to eat these blackberries and do you know what the little stinker did? He bought ALL 25 cartons of blackberries. ALL OF THEM. I did not get any blackberries. I’m not bitter at all.

Now that I have my food for the week, here’s what my detox plan looks like: fruit smoothies made of fresh fruit and plain natural yogurt for breakfast, vegetable stew and rice cakes for lunch, and for dinner either baked fish, sweet corn, and rice or sweet and sour stir fry. I’ve got an assortment of veggies and rice cakes for snacks throughout the day. When I first thought detox plan, I figured I would have this knawing hunger pain all of the time, but surprisingly, at the end of day 1, I found I actually enjoyed the food I was getting to eat. What’s more, I felt satisfied and full, yet light and airy at the same time. I feel good and I’m looking forward to the rest of the week!

My 30 minutes of exercise yesterday was walking. I used to think walking was boring, but I’ve come to really enjoy it. I force myself to walk without music so that I’m more comfortable with being inside my own head. It gave me some time to reflect, appreciate, and understand how my life is unfolding right now, how others’ lives are unfolding for them. Strangely, I feel calm and at ease. What’s more is I have a perpetual smile on my face. Being inspired and inspiring others is just an awesome feeling, plain and simple.

I really want to push myself this month to try and do absolutely everything I can to be well mentally and physically. I think I’m on a roll with what I have planned so far but I feel I’m lacking in areas of exploration for being well mentally. Do you have any suggestions? What do you do that makes you feel absolutely great inside and at peace?


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